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2 day a week workout routine

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Posted by Will

Hello Everyone,

I am 5'9, 160lbs, 8-9%BF(I used to weigh 130 before I started lifting). I am eating 200 grams of protein a day and a fair amount of calories. My question is, I am busy with school and what not my two days off are tues and thurs. Can I train hard those two days for a couple of hours maybe three and rest the rest of the week and still see good results (I am not looking for 20lbs of muscle just some good strength and muscle endurance gains)? I do cardio everyday with push ups and situps etc. but the weights I can only hit two days, is the third that important?

Re: 2 day a week workout routine

Posted by Go Big


Good news is with your ectomorph body type and what sounds like high metabolism, coupled with your cardio type workouts- your likely not going to have to worry about getting fat any time soon. Unfortunately, you will likely have to change your workout and diet significantly in order to put on much body weight.

You should only be hitting 1 or 2 body parts per workout, and should only hit thoes muscle groups once every 4-7 days. 2 days a week on a full body workout will never work. It will keep you in good "tone" and "cardio" shape. It will not however allow you to bulk up. There is no possible way you could do a lower body (leg) workout, and still have enough energy to do a "good" chest or upper body workout.

College diet is not going to cut it either. You just are not getting enough calories (if you have a 8% bf) for your muscles to grow.

I could go on, but I really suggest reading articles on proper training and diet in order to grow.


Go Big!

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