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5 Androstenediol Review

One of the most interesting benefits found in the research on 5-Androstenediol supplement is its outstanding immune system stimulating effects.

5-Androstenediol is a tremendously potent immune system regulator-perhaps 100 times more potent than DHEA-and has a very positive effect on healing your system resist potentially harmful infections.

I for one find the research very convincing with regards to 5-Androstenediol immune stimulating benefits. And it's clear that a strong immune system can promote greater overall health and fitness.

Research into 5-Androstenediol's other benefits has been less thorough, but there are some good indications that 5-Androstenediol has at least some level of antiglucocorticoid-and thus anti-catabolic-properties. In short, 5-Androstenediol may help prevent or limit muscle degradation by limiting the destructive effects of cortisol. This, of course, can lead to better muscle development, an increase in lean body mass, and likely even increased vascularity.

What is evident is that 5-Androstenediol is much less likely to result in androgenic or DHT related side-effects (hair loss, prostate enlargement, etc.) than testosterone, androstenedione, or even 4-Androstenediol.

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5 Androstenediol Review

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