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Anabolic Activator Review

The Beast Anabolic Activator is a sublingual spray containing 24 homeopathic hormones. It is meant to be used in 6-week cycles and helps to support muscle gains, endurance and power. You are recommended to take 3 sprays beneath your tongue 3 times daily. Good times to take the product are before and after a workout and also before bed.

The Beast Anabolic Activator Ingredients

Somatotrophine (GH) 6c
Gonado Stimuline 6c
Chorionic Gonadotrophine 6c
Folliculostimuline 6c
Adrenocorti cotrophine 9c
Thyroidinum 6c
Adrenalinum 6c
Progesterone 6c
Orchitinum 6c
Dopamine 6c
Acetylcholine 6c
RNA 6c
DNA 6c
ATP 6c
Leucine 4c
Isoleucine 4c
Valine 4c
Glutamine 4c
Estrone 12c
Estradiol 12c
Cortisone 12c
Saw Palmetto 3c
Tribulus 3c
Terrestris 3c
Yohimbe 3c

Anabolic Activator Reviews

Does The Beast Anabolic Activator work?

I looked over many online reviews from people who were using this product. Many were positive. Some said it did nothing. Some said they gained weight, which was a good thing. And some said it was great, gave them the energy they needed and the muscle mass they were trying to accomplish. It seems, The Beast worked positive for many people who have tried it.

Keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different, so you might have to try a couple of different products and brands to see what will work best for you.

The Beast Anabolic Activator Side Effects

It seem that most people do not get any side effects for using it. But it is possible that someone could have a hypersensitivity to it and they are recommended to reduce the dosage or discontinue using the product if any side effects occur and consult their healthcare professional.

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Anabolic Activator Review, The Beast Anabolic Activator

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