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Anabolism comes from the Greek work "ana" which means upward and "ballein" which means throw. It is a metabolic process of the body, which focuses on the building up of organs and tissues. It is mainly responsible for the growth of muscles and bones in the body. Some of the hormones, which are associated with it, are testosterone, insulin and HGH. Scientists all over the world have done several experiments so they may understand the actual benefits and functions of these hormones in the body. We may say that we are fortunate because some of the secrets of these hormones were already unlocked for our own health benefits yet there is still more of this that we need to know.

Anabolic Steroids Research

Anabolic steroids are drugs, which copy the effects of testosterone. This is one of the scientific breakthroughs of anabolic research. Use of this drug is believed to increase protein synthesis, which will result in faster build-up of muscular tissues. This is further researched to develop and maintain certain masculine characteristics and the stimulation of bone growth and appetite. American College of Sports Medicine has even stated that anabolic steroids combined with intense exercise can definitely contribute to lean mass increase and additional muscular strength. The only problem is anabolic steroid cause health problems and other unwanted side effects.

Anabolic Review Research

The 21st century is said to be a century composed of health conscious individuals. More and more gyms are opened in different areas of the United States and the number of bodybuilding enthusiasts is also increasing. Anabolic research aims to aid these health conscious enthusiasts with their desire to maintain a fit and well-sculpted body while also staying healthy. Scientists and medical researchers are finding natural alternatives to anabolic steroids so bodybuilders can gain similar results without the side effects.

A lot of products are being advertised in the market but not all of it underwent trusted anabolic research. It is necessary for a wise bodybuilder to study the positive and negative effects of any anabolic supplement before he decides to use them. We should bear in mind that not all health products can deliver positive results.

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Anabolic Research

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