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There are six different anabolic supplements that we are going to review of in this article.

The first is the testosterone-supplement. This is used to promote faster muscle growth and strength in males. The reason being is it is considered the male sex hormone. The side effects would be very bad for women. It has a two-fold effect it will help build muscle in males, and if it is working effectively will reduce the growth of fat at the same time. This can be very effective to help older men too. Just like women take estrogen pills when they are getting older males can take this to stay more youthful as they get older.

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The second is ecdysterone. This is a natural anabolic product you are able to take in order to build muscle and reduce fat. This however works different due to the fact that it is not a hormone. It is a plant extract. The way that it works is similar though because it improves protein synthesis, which obviously increases the ability to increase muscle mass easier.

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The third kind we are talking about is creatine. Our anabolic creatine seems to be very popular for many different people. This is because it does not have as many side effects as a lot of the other products out there. It gives a boost to increase your power and also gives you amazing pumps. Obviously if you have more power and better pumps your muscles are going to get bigger and stronger much faster.

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The fourth kind to talk about is amino acids. Anyone that knows about science knows that these are the building blocks of life. It would make sense then that they would be important in the growth and repair of muscles. Anyone who knows about lifting weights knows that the goal is to in a way break down the muscle so it grows back even bigger. Obviously amino acids would be a big part of this process. Not all amino acid formulas are as high quality and you will see a big difference in muscle building results because we are carry only "profile optimized" amino acids here. These amino acids also work the best in muscle building protein synthesis.

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The fifth kind to talk about is human growth hormone. The natural secretion of growth hormone starts reducing as we get older, the pituitary gland produces less and les of this very important hormone. Low levels of HGH cause us to have loss of energy, fat weight gains, loss of muscle mass and many other problems associated with aging. Many feel that taking an HGH Supplement they feel younger, healthier and are able to build more muscle mass and lose more body fat then without it.

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The final type of anabolic supplement we are going to talk about is a fat burner. What they do as their name implies is help burn fat away. But they also help to preserve muscle tissue and keep your hunger under control while dieting.

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All of these supplements can be used as a legal means to help you build muscle and lose the fat. There of course are going to be anabolic supplements that work best for different people. This briefly outlines the benefits of each of these anabolic supplements. I hope this helps you choose which type is right for you.

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Anabolic Supplement Reviews of the Best Anabolic Supplements

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