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Androstenedione Stack

How to make an effective androstenedione stack?

Bill Phillips believed that an effective stack could be:

Androstenedione 100mg

DHEA 100mg

Tribulus Terrestris 750-1250mg

Read what he has to say about it in these selected excerpts from the 1997 Sports Supplement Review Copyright 1997 by Mile High Publishing, Inc.

"Although there is some research showing it [androstenedione] causes a significant surge of serum testosterone as well as sustained levels, we don't have studies documenting increases in muscle mass. The East German scientist, Oettel, felt his twice-a-day "pulses" of testosterone increased the performance of his athletes. He focused on the positive effect of androgens on the central nervous system and how enhanced neuron firing improves athletic performance.

"There might be another indication that once-a-day testosterone surges are effective. In a 1989 study, researchers compared two groups of laboratory animals. One group got a large dose of testosterone each day; the other received the same milligram total, spread throughout the day in smaller doses. The single dose increased muscle mass more than the smaller, frequent dose schedule!"

"...androstenedione produces a rapid increase in testosterone levels. Adding DHEA could produce an additive effect if your body is getting the proper signal from the pituitary to produce LH (which it could be if you're taking Tribulus Terrestris). A good time to take a dose of androstenedione is one hour prior to training - it may significantly boost strength and workout intensity. Another option is to take one dose in the morning and another at night."

"Like DHEA and androstenedione, Tribulus Terrestris is being promoted as a testosterone enhancer, but it does not work by the same mechanism - both DHEA and androstenedione provide the raw material for testosterone formation; Tribulus Terrestris is purported to enhance testosterone levels by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) levels. LH is a pituitary hormone that "turns on" natural testosterone production. Interestingly enough, some scientific studies show Tribulus Terrestris may have the potential to increase the production of LH."

"...I don't think using Tribulus Terrestris by itself has the potential to significantly boost gains in muscle size and strength. HOWEVER, if you were to use it in conjunction with androstenedione and/or DHEA, it could hit hard! You see, DHEA and androstenedione provide your body with the raw materials (precursors) for testosterone. But, this does not necessarily mean these compounds will be converted to testosterone by your body. I just reviewed a blood test yesterday from a 32-year-old athlete I train, and despite the fact that he had above normal DHEA levels, his testosterone was below normal - so was his LH. My guess is that despite the fact that there was plenty of "raw material" for testosterone production, his pituitary (the body's hormone "control center") was not signaling testosterone production. If supplementing Tribulus Terrestris increased LH, in the presence of high DHEA or androstenedione levels... look out! Dare I say, a "steroid-like" effect might be seen?!"

"...a dosage of 750-1,250 mg/day [of Tribulus Terrestris], in divided doses with meals, and stacking it with DHEA (about 100 mg/day) and androstenedione (around 100 mg/day) may work well."

"It should not be used by women nor anyone under the age of 18...anyone with any medical conditions, such as an enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. It may also aggravate gynecomastia in steroid users."

Where to purchase androstenedione supplements and alternatives?

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Androstenedione Stack

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