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Best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie

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Posted by Demigod

I saw this mentioned on another board and thought it would be fun to see what you bros think? Mine would have to be without a doubt Conan the Barbarian. Classic tough guy movie.Sword fights,blood,naked chicks...what more can you ask for,lol?

Re: Best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie

Posted by BacardiSlang

Conan,just like Demigod said.
Commando, a young Alisa Milano makes it more appealing.
Predator,"....what are you waiting foa, kill me, im hea!".

Re: Best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie

Posted by Joey

I love this subject thanx Demi............
In order from fave to least fave:
Pumping Iron...........I got lucky and it was given to me by my girls dads friend.
Terminator 2. Judgment Day.
True action hero

Re: Best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie

Posted by Titanium

Commando is damn good... He had sooo many good lines in that movie... "Sully, remembah when I said I said I was going to kill you last?.... I lied..." then he drops him... Or when he was holding him with one arm over the cliff right before. Or when he kills the guy in the plane and tells the stewardess, "he's dead tired"... Or the famous, "I'll be back"......

Predator is good, Conan, the terminator movies... All good!

Re: Best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie

Posted by buff boxer

damn guys this is a tough one id have to say im kinda tied with the original terminator or predator but i am gonna toss another i liked alot into the recall kinda hard to follow but lots or shooting futuristic and when he kills the 4 guys in the alley thats one quality fight scene commando is one i havent seen ill have to check that one out and joey come on last action hero is your least favorite well i got the real worst a disgrace to all arnold movie fans...junior come on whyd they have to make the best action star pregnant they couldnt have done that do danny devito i mean then they wouldnt even have to put the pregnant suit on his fat ass twins im not a big fan of either i realize he prolly wasnt making the big dough back then an needed money but he shoulda showed a little discretion on script choices oh another thumbs up true lies too

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