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What's the best bodybuilding magazine

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Posted by Mass

whats your favorite mags.. Even though I hate to admit it M&F if you can look past all the bull ads is not to bad..

Re: What's the best bodybuilding magazine

Posted by Demigod

Yeah most of the muscle mags out there now are just one big advertisement for their respective companies. I usually flip through all of them once or twice. If you combine them all together and eliminate all the propaganda and bullshit ads then you might get one magazines worth of good reading material.If you know where to look then the internet is way ahead of the mags anyway.

Having said that i kinda like Flex better than the rest.

Re: What's the best bodybuilding magazine

Posted by BigBootyDaddy

I like Flex. I mean there really isn't much to get from it, except you get to see how the pro's do certain exercises and see their routines. I feel that the mag's are motivational. I just look at one for a few minutes and then I wanna lift weights too.

You have to remember that all the mag is leaving out is the killer cycles that the pro's do.

Oh, not to mention that there are some hot girls in there. The one with Mandy Blank in it is ruined.

Re: What's the best bodybuilding magazine

Posted by ThinkLarge

i hate to say it but i would go for IRONMAN or MUSCLEMAG just for the women they put in there. definitly a motivational tool to get me in the gym. just go to the section, open up the magazine and take a gander at the swimsuit models. then put the magazine back on the shelf cause all the info you need can be found on the web.

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