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best supplement to increase muscle mass

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Posted by Chris S.


I am looking for a supplement to increase my muscle size, I train 4 times a week, I have for a good 2 years properly now. Although I have increased my size since I started training I seemed to reached a plateu. I eat well, plenty of protein and also take protein shakes USN IGF-1. I want a supplement that will accompany my training, diet and shakes, so I can start putting some size on, I seem to increase strength but not size, which can be frustrating. There are so many sites, products etc its hard to know whats what, was just hoping someone could recommend what they are using and works. I have tried Norateen II heavyweight and for me this did nothing, I know there are many close as you can get to steroid products available, but again which one do you go for??

Can anyone recommend anything, any help would be most welcomed.


Chris S.

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