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beyond failure training

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Posted by JoeFish

Has anyone tried beyond failure training? It sounds intense, but does it really work or does it just lead to overtraining? I have heard a few bad things about it.

Re: beyond failure training

Posted by Stuart

You know, instead of people doubting a system or trying to discredit it, they should try the system and learn from it ando advance their own knowledge base and physical attributes. I know I will never be as big and strong as a pro bodybuilder but that is not my objective. My objective is to take MY PHYSIQUE to it's limits. I base my progress against myself, not others. If I can use a system to become a better Stuart then you can be damn sure I am going to use it.

Re: beyond failure training

Posted by David

I'm not a bodybuilder or professional athlete, just a guy who played a lot of sports and was in pretty good shape most of my life. Then something happened…I lost my motivation, got too wrapped up in my career or just got plain lazy! My athletic build which carried 210 pounds with a lean v-shape, turned into a gross flabby 225. I was disgusted with what I had done to myself. I tried probably every diet under the sun, worked with your typical PT who knew nothing more than what they had just read in the latest issue of some muscle magazine…bottom line, NOTHING WORKED!!! But, the beyond failure training method just kicks my ass like it's never been kicked before, and I'm excited to see where it can take me from here!

Re: beyond failure training

Posted by Paul

I just started training beyond failure training this past week. Alas, my training partner doesn't come anymore (I have all my stuff in my basement) so my poor wife had to spot me, which was an adventure to say the least. I am in preparation for a pro football tryout in later this year. I need to gain back roughly 20-25 pounds that I lost after my distal bicep tear. But without any additional bodyfat. I believe that the BFT style of training can help me achieve that as fast as possible. I have gone through too many training partners to name so motivation is never a problem with me.

Here is some progress after ONLY ONE WEEK! Today was chest, shoulders, and triceps. Last week I started with incline flyes using a 4/4 cadence. I did 6 reps with three forced reps to start (with some triple drops and more forced reps of course). Today I did 60's for 4 and 2 forced reps to start. Last week after that I did bench. 265 for 3 reps + 2 forced reps (my wife is helping me and she's teeny tiny). Today it was 275 for 3 reps and 2 forced reps. And there was progress on all of the drop sets too. I am very excited! My weight also has gone up two pounds with a slight bodyfat loss in one week. Incredible. I plan on doing this for four weeks then taking a week off, then starting back again.

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