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Bicep building techniques

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Posted by Youngin

What are the different lifts for biceps and what angles does each one use. I know there are different mucles to work in the biceps region but which techniques work which areas? For example, If I want hight on my biceps, which technique should I use? Then length, then width, etc. Catch my question?

Re: Bicep building techniques

Posted by Ryan

There are many different kinds of lifts that you can do for biceps. I always start by doing straight-bar barbell curls, these are great for mass. Then try seated alternate dumbell curls. I don't know what the other guy was thinking when he told you that there is no way to isolate different parts of the biceps. The reason they are called biceps is because they have two heads, inner and outer. If you don't believe me flex your bi and twist your wrist and you'll see that different parts of the biceps are stimulated. For outer peak try hammer curls and incline dumbell curls. For inner peak try barbell curls and alternate dumbell curls. Hope this helps.

Re: Bicep building techniques

Posted by Matt

There are NO ways to target different areas of your biceps. Angles do not matter and don't believe anybody that tells you differently. Your bicep does 2 things: it contracts and it relaxes. If someone tells you that you can get a "peak" by doing any excersize, that is wrong. You will only get a peak if it is in your genes. If you want big biceps, do about 2 or 3 major work sets of standing bar curls and one set of reverse curls. Let's put it this would your bicep know that it is being hit from different angles? It only knows when it is contracted and when it isn't.

Re: Bicep building techniques

Posted by Warder

I am definatly not an expert on bicept training, but this is what I can tell you. If you want mass use a straight barbell curl. If you want peak use a preacher curl. That is about all I know, sorry I couldn't help more.

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