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Bodybuilding and fast food

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Posted by HIT Man

What is everyones favorite fast food for builking or for cheat meals?

Re: Bodybuilding and fast food

Posted by Demigod

KFC Mmmmmmm....just a little taste of heaven. I believe i could eat there everyday of my life. . I'm going straight to Xtra Crispy Heaven, and getting a large cloud of Mashed potatoes and gravy!!!!! MMMMMMMMMmmmm!

Re: Bodybuilding and fast food

Posted by buff boxer

KFC one damn good place to eat not exactly heathy but damn good my favorite thing is by far the popcorn chicken ...when they have it other than that id prolly have to say extra tasty crispy is just that.

Re: Bodybuilding and fast food

Posted by gobig

The best now is Arby's (beef and cheddar- no sauce). I caould eat 2 or 3 of thoes right now. Only down side is that they keep raisin the price. I remember when I was a kid- would go there with my pops and they were 99 cents each (55 cents with a coupon). Today you pay 2.99 and like 3.25 if you eat at the mall.

They sure are good though..... Even the curly fries are good, but I try to stay away from thoes artery plugs.

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