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Anabolic Bodybuilding Cooking Tips

As bodybuilders we are very interested in building our muscles and living healthy. But, does this mean that our food should be boring?

I say no!

It's good to know what should be on your plate in terms of portions and calorie intake. Remember that you are working out your muscles hard therefore your need extra energy in the gym.

Carbohydrates keep the energy levels high for someone with an intense workout program.

Protein is very essential for creating strong muscles, and a must have in every bodybuilder's menu. Bad fat can easily ruin your physique while good fats help lubricate your muscle and keep a supple skin.

There are various cooking tips for bodybuilder's. Creativity is essential as it helps bring new flair to the boring ingredients and make them as delicious as ever.

Boiling food is a very healthy option. Foods that are commonly boiled include brown rice, sweet potatoes and yams. They have a better taste when boiled as opposed to any other cooking method. Vegetables should be simmered in low heat to retain nutrients and all fruits should be served raw.

How about frying? Naturally due to the amount of oil used, deep fried foods are not the best but you can substitute this by baking meals. The good thing about this form of cooking is that it suits almost all forms of meats, and even potatoes.

Many people, bodybuilders included enjoy barbecue a lot. Healthy cooking tips for barbecue suggest that you make your own natural barbecue sauces and they should be added at the end of the grilling process. The sauce flavor will not be an internal meat flavoring but a toping and the meat will remain natural and healthy.

If you enjoy an oven roast meal, go ahead and have some. Stir fries and stews are healthy and delicious too. You can also make your own spice mixes to enhance flavor and food appearance.

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Anabolic Bodybuilding Cooking Tips

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