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Food Satiety Index

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Posted by Paul

Recent research was done to determine a food satiety index - how well different foods satisfy the appetite. The results proved to follow a common sense approach. In the study people were fed 240 calorie portions of different foods. A number of controls were used and the people were questioned about how they felt (hungry - not hungry) at different time periods after eating the portion of food. After a set period of time the were allowed to eat again if they wished and the amount of food they ate, if any, was recorder. The results were used to determine the satiety index.

The results turned out to be quite simple. Food weight appears to be the determining factor. A portion of food that weighs more than another portion of food of equal caloric value is more satisfying. For example, boiled potatoes rated very high on the index, foods like hard candy (high sugar foods), or candy bars rated very low. Extremely high fat foods like cheesecake also rated badly, however some foods with moderate amounts of fat, such as lean steak, rate fairly well.

This information may prove most useful to people who wish to lose weight - but are not able to resist eating when they are hungry. Eating foods that will fill you up - but are low in calories - may help you eat less overall. Eating low calorie foods - that are also small in portion weight - will leave you wanting for more. And when you feel the need to cheat - don't grab that candy bar - find something sweet - but filling.

A quick way to determine weather a food would have a high satiety index or not is to look it up in your calorie book and compare the calories to the portion size. If a 4 ounce portion of food (about 120 g.), has over 250 calories - avoid it.

As a last note - for people having trouble putting on weight - you may wish to avoid foods which have a high satiety index.

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