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Bodybuilding tuna recipes

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Posted by MrLimpet

Tuna can get boring, any have a good tuna recipes for bodybuilding?

Re: Bodybuilding tuna recipes

Posted by Gremlin

One of my favorite snacks is a tuna melt.
The way I make them is:
1 can of tuna
no fat mayo
spoon of relish
2 rice cakes (devide half the tuna on each)

And then melt cheese on top in the toaster oven.

High Protein>low fat meal

Good eatin'!!!

Re: Bodybuilding tuna recipes

Posted by Bulk'n_up

I mix plain tuna, with a beaten egg.. roll them into balls, coat them with some bread crumbs. Then cook them in a small amount of oil.

I keep them in the fridge, and if I go on a binge I can chow down on them.

Re: Bodybuilding tuna recipes

Posted by corndawg

You guys may think I'm a little strange but I like mixing tuna up with BBQ sauce. Just like that tasty BBQ pork sandwich everyone loves in the especially well for the guys that don't paticulary like the taste of tuna.

Re: Bodybuilding tuna recipes

Posted by Bowie_Knife

Tuna strait out of the can aint too bad, hell its quick and easy, but If you got the time I would do it your way. Best compliment to tuna straight out of the can: Old Bay. Old Bay is the best tasting spice there is. It's great for all kinds of seafood, plus hamburgers and stuff like that. I used to use black pepper, but Old Bay really kicks the crap out of plain pepper. Plus, it's strong enough to negate the taste of the tuna.

Re: Bodybuilding tuna recipes

Posted by Mcflyer

I take a can of V-8 and two cans of Tuna. Put it in a Blender and make a drink. Its really not that bad and is quick. Just drink it fast.

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