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build muscle by eating at maintenance?

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Posted by Chris

if i eat at maintenance and eat healthy and workout, what will happen to my body? will i slowly build muscle and decrease bodyfat or will nothing happen? what i wanted to do was eat at maintenance sort of in a zigzag style and eat lots of protein with complex carbs and healthy fats and lift weights. they say to gain muscle you have to bulk up and to lose fat you have to cut. can you possibly do this at the same time simply by just maintaining your weight and working out and eating healthy. surely you can. i know it will take longer than the bulk/cut phase, but i dont care. bulking then cutting is too complicated. im very busy so all i have time for is to eat healthy and workout. i dont have time to have the perfect diet with perfect calories. adding 500 a week. or dropping 500. thats hard to do. im 5 foot 7 150 pounds. not a lot of muscle definition.

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