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bulking up tips

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Posted by JR

Hello, I've been weightlifting for about two and a half years now, and while I'm happy with my results, I'm reaching a turning point in my goals. I still want to have size, but I've become more interested in maintaining an aesthetic appeal rather than just being big. I started a bulk up plan in mid-August at 168lbs and 11% bf, and I've gotten up to 190 as of today, with a bf% between 14-15%. The problem is, I'm not sure whether to continue this bulk, and put on more size (which I have put on, but not as much as I want in terms of muscle) or begin another cut back. I eat incredibly clean with 1 cheat meal every 2 weeks, but I am putting on fat, and I'm just not sure where to go from here.

I've tried perusing different forums/articles/magazines regarding whether it is harmful to my overall goal for size to cut after what is a pretty short bulk. I would rather have size than aesthetics, but I'm really trying to achieve both, or at the very least slow my bodyfat gain as I bulk. It seems that I've gained quite a bit of fat despite my best attempts to keep the diet clean and only about 500-600 calories over my maintenance.

If I need to provide my diet/calories let me know, and I appreciate it if you're able to find time to help me,


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