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bulking up vs cutting

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Posted by MM


I'm trying to bulk up but not sure if I should and whether I'm going about it the right way. I weigh about 85kg, 44" chest, 14.5" arms, 24.5" thighs and 37.5" waist. I did a 20 week cutting programme where I reduced my waist from 40" to 36". I have a fast metabolism and have been on mega mass 4000 for about 6 weeks now (1-2 scoops post workout. I've taken mega mass 4000 before (about three times now). But I normally reduce my scoops (after adding too much fat and feeling bloated). The size of my stomach also prevents me from bulking too long. When I bulk for a long time I really find it hard to reduce my waist size without bringing my body size back to what it was before bulking.

Q1: Should I be worried about my waist size?

Q2: Should I be cutting right down to a 30" waist first?

Q3: Is my diet OK?

I am aiming for 18" arms, 47" chest and 32" waist. Thanks

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