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cardio and heart rate

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Posted by Tony

I have a question on "target heart rate". When I am on the elliptical my heart rate usually goes up to about 165, and i can not bring it down without slowing the machine down to a point where it say "Pedal faster". I am male, 275LBS, 37.5% body fat, 42 years old. when I get on a tread mill and hit the "cardio" button, it sets at 3.0mph with about a 1.5 incline, and hear rate at 130. I want to lose weight. A friend of mine who works out says that I will do better on the tread mill for at the rate stated than the 30 minute interval (2 min at 0, 2min at 8) where i maintain 4 + mph (generally 2.06 miles). I am also lifting 3 days a week to build muscle and eating a measured, "clean" (chicken, veggie, brown rice) diet. Any input would be appreciated.


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