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Creatine ATP Serum

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Posted by Joe

Hey guys any of you ever take the Creatine Serum. From what I hear this stuff works wonders. But I figure you guys would know.



Re: Creatine ATP Serum

Posted by SAjberspejs

The pump you feel is from the glucose/honey/ginseng in the serum.

The serum actually contains very little creatine. Most of it has already broken down to creatinine, which is also the body's metabolic waste product for creatine. Those guys at muscle marketing are ripping the public off!

Re: Creatine ATP Serum

Posted by Tom

ive tried it for about 2 weeks,,and it WORKS,,i got a little too carried away and was jumping up in weight too quickly,and ended up in a muscle strain,,,but you can even feel it in te first workout...its definately for doubt

Re: Creatine ATP Serum

Posted by Tim

I wanted to let you know this atp serum works great, I've seen a difference after just a few days of using it. thanks

Please email me back, I wanted to know can I drink the pure protien drinks, during my workouts even after taking atp serum. would there be any side effects or counter actions with the serum.

Re: Creatine ATP Serum

Posted by Tony

Just bought some last week and i have never experienced a pump like i have with this stuff. i'll never go back to the powder again.

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