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creatine guidelines

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Posted by Frank

Im sorry for the quiestion but i have been training fo r a few months now and have made great gains... i have heard a lot about creaine but i just dont know how it works...does this stuff makes your muscle grow? it an energy supplement?...or just a temporary stregnht enhancer?... i will appreciate your advice and how it is necesary to cycle it...

Re: creatine guidelines

Posted by JD

Ingestion of creatine results in an increase in serum creatine phosphate levels within the muscle. When the body is pushed into anaerobic metabolism as it is during weightlifting, the first source of energy is the creatine phosphate. When creatine is taken into the body it is almost instantly phosphorylated and stored in the muscle. The body can produce CP endogenously(can produce its own creatine phosphate CP). By ingesting creatine exogenously (from external sources) as is done by taking creatine, one is able to raise the concentration of CP; this results in a larger store of CP for anaerobic activity. One must realize that if you were already consuming large amounts of creatine in ones diet previous to supplementation, the conc level of CP is fairly high to start. One will receive the most benefit from creatine if you were a vegetarian or something like that where your creatine levels are most likely low to start. That is not to say that one who lives on red meat will not reap benefits, just probably not as great. One likes to cycle creatine supplementation to allow the body to use its endogenous ability to create CP to run again because this process is suppressed by taking an oral supplement. Basically creatine allows one to work harder and longer, this breaks down the muscle more, and it results in increased muscle growth. Current research does not support the notion that CP actually contributes in protein synthesis(muscle growth) directly. One more thing clinical research has proven that it is necessary to load creatine for 5 days, 20-25 grams a day, and that it is only necessary after this loading to take 5 grams a day to maintain the increased CP levels. Anymore ingested is broken down and excreted in the urine as creatinine the biproduct of CP metabolism.

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