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creatine side effects

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Posted by Olympiclifter

I have been using creatine, both the creatine monohydrate, and the EAS Phosphagen for about three years. Side effects? Other than the third arm growing from my forehead, none. No really, I still have only two arms...I am a USAW weight lifter, in the Masters division, 94 Kg. class. I was a pretty good lifter before ever trying creatine, and am very happy with the results. My snatch has gone from a high of 60 Kg. to 75 Kg., my clean and jerk from 85 Kg. to 112.5 Kg.

The only real problem I have seen is that when I am using creatine, I have to physically decide to stop working out, I feel very strong, and actually must take myself out of the gym. For example, after practicing my Olympic lifts, I usually head to the smith machine for squats or the incline leg press machine. My squats went from 200 lbs. or so to over 600 lbs. Incline leg press? From 400 lbs. to around 1000 lbs. After realizing how much weight I was doing one evening, I had to "take a moment" and decide, yep, that's enough for right now. Now , I usually go ride a stationary bike or do stairmaster at that point.

I can understand how people might tear muscles, because the feeling of strength truly resonates throughout my body. And frankly, I attribute that to the creatine, water intake, and proper nutrition (not provided by the USOC, I might add, I'm spending my own dollars). It is vital to drink water, eat right, and only take the recommended dose. This cannot be emphasized enough. And, maybe some people just aren't physically capable of using this supplement, like I'm not able to see unless I'm wearing my glasses or contacts. Well, I guess I could always use that third arm to keep glasses clean.

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