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creatine vs amino acids

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Posted by Meg

I am looking for information regarding the benefits of creatine vs. amino acid supplements. I need to know where I would be able to find that kind of information. Thank you to anyone who is able to help me.

Re: creatine vs amino acids

Posted by Big Dog

creatine is a amino acid that is stored in your muscle. It is in your muscle as creatine phosphate. When you work out, your muscles burn adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The Creatine phosphate (CP) is the substance that refills your ATP levels in your working muscles. This is why you have such good recovery time. The creatine does not automatically increase muscle mass. It allows you to work your muscles harder and more often which builds mass and strength. When you get off creatine, your body goes back to normal levels of creatine phosphate. The creatine only works if you work hard. How old are you? Females do not have the muscle gain that males do because of testosterone, which I'm sure you know. Most of the initial weight gain associated with creatine use is due to water retention. Your body needs a lot of water to utilize all nutrients in your body. Especially creatine. The more water in your body, the faster and more efficiently the creatine will work. I hope I have helped answered your question. If not, post another concern and I will be happy to help. P.S. post anyway so I know if I helped or not. Also my results may help your decision...

I began taking creatine last year. My maxes were: Clean 265
Squat 350
Bench 315
Incline 275
Snatch 185
Body Weight 220
This was before I started taking creatine.
My maxes after the school year were:
Clean 325
Squat 430
Bench 385
Incline 330
Snatch 245
Body Weight 235-240(water weight differential)

As you can see, creatine worked for me. It will work for you if: You take it regularly, You lift hard and regularly(I lifted four days a week), And you keep flexible and consume large amounts of water each day. Eat nutritious foods. Remember, strength and conditioning is a lot more than working out. If you have any more questions about creatine or any other strength and conditioning concerns, post back. I look forward to your response. I hope I was of some help.

Re: creatine vs amino acids

Posted by Meg

Big Dog-Thanks for your help. The information was for a friend who was looking for the benefits of creatine vs amino acids. I don't think that creatine would help me anyway. I am trying to lose weight. Thanks again.

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