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creatine vs no2

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Posted by bodybuildingbig

A couple of years ago I jumped on the bandwagon and bought creatine like everyone else. I thought it was great, I started getting bigger. Soon I got caught up in work and school and didn't have much time for lifting and lost everything. I was very upset with these results.

About one month ago I bought a product called NO2 because someone told me that it works great and is not like creatine and will not disappear. Along with the NO2 I bought Nitro-Tech protein. I did not buy the high carb protein that was recommended to me because i gain weight fairly easily and not in the places I want to get bigger. After about 3 weeks of using NO2 and taking one protein shake after every workout (5 times a week) I gained about 13 pounds. I look a great deal bigger and feel better. It has also cleared up my acne a good bit. So far I have finished my first bottle of NO2 and am very happy with it. I am going to see where things go from here. I am not sure if I will lose what I have if I stop taking it and continue to work out or not.

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