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cybergenics workout

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Posted by fred

Who remembers cybergenics? Was it any good? Are they still around?

Re: cybergenics workout

Posted by John

I am a true Cybergenics fan from the late 80's!. I dugout my old manual-i will never toss and I even have the VHS tape!(no place to play) because I haven't be seeing the results with my weight trainning, so I am following the old routine and it is great! Also I am 45 years old and have been sidelined with coaching my son through his Little League teams.

Yes, it works and yes, they are still around checkout Cybergenics website

I am glad that this product is still out there and I am going to get the 60 day program.


Re: cybergenics workout

Posted by JR

I used the Cybergenics program and it gave me the best results of my life. The eight week program absolutely requires the assistance of a partner, a lot of time and dedication, and the ability to put up with a significant amount of pain. It did work, but my partner, who also experienced significant gains, stated he would never do it again.

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