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Dan Duchaine Diet

Dan Duchaine Diet

The Dan Duchaine Diet that was first published in "The Ultimate Dieting Handbook", and later revised in "Underground Body Opus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition".

Dan Duchaine had a dramatic effect on the current wave of low carb high protein fat-loss diets that are so popular today. The difference with Dan's Body Opus diet is that he only recommended this type of 5-day high fat diet with no carbs followed by 2 day high carbs for people who already have a body-fat of less than 15%.

The Body Opus diet is designed for males with under 15% body-fat and never more than only 20% if you're female. The Opus Diet has two distinct segments. During the week, the normal caloric intake is reduced by 10% without consuming any carbs. Monday through Friday 30% of your calories will come from protein and 70% of your calories will come from fat. Dan stresses that the fat you eat must come from only essential fatty acids, like those found in olive oil, flaxseed and fish, or similar sources.

On the weekends, the program is flipped entirely, you will now be consuming 10% more calories than you ate Monday to Friday. So on the weekends you're eating a high carbohydrate diet, with 60% of your calories coming from carbs, 25% of your calories coming from protein and 15% of your calories coming from fat.

The low calories and low carbs eaten Monday to Friday will deplete all your glycogen levels in your body. When your muscle glycogen stores are depleted the body produces ketones to keep the body functioning by burning its own fat. Any ketones that your body will produce cannot be converted back into fat, so they get expelled from your body.

When the weekend comes around the high-carb diet that you're eating for two days is able to replenish your depleted glycogen stores which triggers a very strong anabolic reaction that dramatically improves the growth of muscle cells. It is this natural pump that bodybuilders are after.

It can make a big difference for any athlete or bodybuilder because it swells the muscles up, but there is an additional benefit because of the replenishment that happens after the 5-day carb deprivation. It is the low carbs during the week that will trigger the fat-burning process while preserving any muscle that would have normally been broken down when following a normal low-calorie diet.

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Dan Duchaine Diet

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