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Dan Duchaine Dirty Dieting Newsletter

Posted by Brian

In memory of the late Dan Duchaine. Dan had created the Dirty Dieting newsletter for informational purposes. It's objective was to reveal the extreme and bizarre related to muscle gain and fat loss. The newsletter is for those adult men and women who want to know what's really happening in the strange sub-culture world of extreme physique enhancement.

Dan was working on a new newsletter, "Living Lean and Large", but sadly due to his passing, we never made it to publishing. Therefore the Dirty Dieting chronicles will probably be the last of it's kind...

The content of this newsletter is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended as, and should NOT be construed as, a substitute for professional advice, care or attention from a qualified nutritional or health care practitioner. ALWAYS consult your own nutritionist or other competent health care professional for the care appropriate for you or for answers to your questions or concerns about your condition or a program of treatment.

You can download Dan Duchaine Dirty Dieting Newsletter PDF at

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