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Dermalean Review

Impact Nutrition's™ newly created topical fat burning cream Dermalean™ is very similar to the old (yet extremely effective) European compounds like Thiomucase and Triacana.  Never heard of them?  Here's a little history.  Back in the mid 1970's, French bodybuilders were blowing away everybody in terms of "rippedness".  They were peeled! One French bodybuilder in particular, Serge Nubret, was a "spectacle" at the 1975 Mr. Olympia.  Although he lost to Arnold...his physique was flawless!  His abs were so deep you could literally poke your finger 3/4 of an inch deep in them.  Tight, quilted abs...none of this ugly distended belly stuff!  He looked like a slightly enhanced Greek god, not a freak.

Thiomucase and Triacana, needless to say, are the "real deal" and as you might have guessed are "site specific" fat burners...meaning they burn fat on the "site" they are applied!  Unfortunately though, the government started seeing these compounds appear on steroid trafficker price lists...tagged them as "steroid related genre" then banned them from being imported into the U.S.

But...thanks to Impact's™ diligent research, the fat burning effects of Thiomucase and Triacana can now be replicated by using Dermalean™.

Dermalean™ a New Time Release, Site Specific Fat Burner!

Here's how Dermalean™ works.  It contains four key thermogenic ingredients, aminophylline, (similar in fat burning action to ephedrine and clenbuterol), Yohimbine, another potent compound also similar to ephedrine and clen.  Forskolen, a compound that activates thermogenic enzymes and DMAE, a precursor to acteylcholine, another powerful thermogenic.

Now let's deliver all four of these thermogenics right smack dab on the specific body part you want more ripped.  Most people use Dermalean™ on their abs, but it can be used on any body part.  Now you are specifically targeting fat, as opposed to hoping and praying your oral thermogenic will eventually migrate to a specific area and burn fat.

Dermalean™ is awesome because not only does it target specific fatty areas, it also continues to transport itself into your bloodstream like an oral thermogenic, creating total body fat loss!

But get this!  Because Dermalean™ is topical, its active thermogenic components are not degraded by stomach acids like oral thermogenics! And, what's more, it's time released so it will maintain both its "site specific" and "overall" fat burning processes virtually all day!!

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Impact Dermalean Gel Cream Review

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