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Do women like big muscles

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Posted by linebacker

Do you find women like you for the size of your body or for the shape and definition you posses?

I know we as a board members all have different body types. Its just difficult wanting to have both size and great definition. The eating takes such a toll on my body and I have one of those types that if I were to do cardio for just 5 mins I would lose 30 lbs. So I try to keep the reps kind of high for certain movements.

Anyone else out there struggle with this to?

Just tired of going back and forth, back and forth. I try to keep a balance between both. But it sure would be nice to look like Mr.O----->260lbs with 4% bf and just shredded.

Re: Do women like big muscles

Posted by lomaximo

I think women instinctively like a man (and his body) for the compatibility aspect. For example, I have been with different women and certain ones "felt" better. By this I mean, they seemed to fit my body structure better. We moved in bed better, when we layed together we seemed to fit better....even when we hugged it seemed "quality". I think women want this more than anything and an added bonus is if you have a ripped structure.

Re: Do women like big muscles

Posted by buff boxer

im not terribly large im about 6' 211 and about 7%bf but my new girlfreind just loves when we cuddle she says it makes her feel safe because none of her other boyfreinds had any muscles before so i guess i does matter alittle but id say its the first impression that makes the biggest difference girls like to brag to there freinds about their guy and how muscular he may be and other things to but so guys are the same way.

Re: Do women like big muscles

Posted by BigBootyDaddy

Good topic

As I have been getting bigger over the years I wonder how I did so well with the women when I was smaller. Thinking about this I guess it was because I had definition without the size, now I have the best of both worlds.

Something that I noticed about girls scares me. I have been asking for as long as I can rememeber and talked with girls about it and have gotten a few disturbing answers.

Most women are attracted to guys that have a nice build, but not alot of size. So the guys that are say 170 and 7% do alright with the girls.

I have asked my girlfriend this, and she is very straight with me, so I know she is not just being nice. I asked her how she would feel about me getting bigger. Now I told her I am going to do it regardless of what she says so she understood that her answer was just for my knowledge and had no impact on my decision.

Her answer: " You wanna get bigger? How much bigger are you going to get, your not going to fit in the bed with me anymore", then she goes on to say she loves my body and it is perfect already...yada,yada,yada.

In conclusion I have yet to meet the girl who like the 225 6%bf dude, but to be honest I would love to be that size and cut.

Re: Do women like big muscles

Posted by ThinkLarge

i think size doesn't matter, all that matters is that you love each other. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!

how do you think you attracted this girl in the first place? she wasn't intrigued by the essence of your mind! (maybe your waller) She saw how big you were and wanted to know if you are proprotional in all the "right places". SIZE totally matters, but if that is all you have is size, no definition, then you're probably further behind with the ladies than the guy half your size. most girls don't mind a muscular boyfriend, but thats just it MUSCULAR, not just big.

i'm 5'10, 218lbs, 11%bf. yeah yeah i know i need to drop some bodyfat, but i just started dieting and implementing cardio for summer. my girlfriend is 5'1, 105lbs, not sure what the bf is but she has great shape and symmetry, and killer abs. Everyone thinks we look great together. so i do believe there is a thing as looking for a "good fit"

Re: Do women like big muscles

Posted by Sunshine

ok...i think im the first woman to reply to this post!! It wasnt at all what i thought it was going to be about, but thats OK.

I have always been told that good things come in small packages....but have recently found that better things come in bigger packages LOL, if you know what i mean..(wink wink)

I have been with small men all my life and thought I was content. :O) Then I met one of you...(literally) and now i could never go back to a "normal" sized guy. I cant imagine hugging or snuggling up to a small man again. I dont want my arms to meet when I hug my man. He is perfect...and I dont care what he has to do or has done to get that way!!

Anyway....back to my main thought on this subject...does size really matter??? HELL YES!! Once you get bigger and cant go back!!

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