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Does Andro Shock work?

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Posted by John

I'm 32, 5'10" 180 pound and want to put on some more muscle. I am thinking about trying Andro-Shock, but have a few questions. Has anyone here tryed it? Does it work? Are there any side effects?

Take a look at Andro Shock and give me some feedback.


Re: Does Andro Shock work?

Posted by Free Man

I have tried Andro-Shock and I would say - yes, it does work. I felt more agressive in the gym, was a lot stronger, and gained 7 lbs in 4 weeks. My girlfried likes it too if you know what I mean ; ).

As far as side effects, when you start boosting your testoseteone levels some side effects are possible. But I don't think it would be anything more then mild acne. I personally had no side effects, unless you call being horny a side effect LOL.

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