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Does high intensity training work

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Posted by Nick

Hello everyone;

I just read all of the different theories and ideas on how to add muscle. The one that intrigues me the most and the one that makes a lot of sense is the high intense traiining principle.

To all the seasoned bodybuilders on this website, does this prinicple really work?

Re: Does high intensity training work

Posted by Ty

I find that the heavier weigh I push and the less reps like not doing a buncjh of different exercises, makes my more sore the next day and I get bigger and stronger very quicckly. Therefore, I feel it works. Although I believe it is good to switch around regularly and go back to a different routine. In answer to your question: Yes it works but remember variation is key Drop me a line if you want to discuss further.


Re: Does high intensity training work

Posted by JT

Oh, dude. You just opened up a whole can of worms. It works for some people, and others feel it is BS. Personally, I think it works only if you go to COMPLETE muscle failure. Meaning each set you first exhaust past concentric failure by doing negatives, until you fail the negatives and the fo to static failure until you cant hold the weight anymore. Obviously you need a spotter for every set.

Otherwise, you're better off doing multiple sets lifting to concentric failure.

Just my take, I know others will disagree one way or another. Good Luck.

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