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Easy to Follow Muscle Building Program

Finding the right muscle building program to fit into your busy schedule is not as hard as you may think. There are many different programs that can help you become stronger, healthier and leaner by watching your diet and exercising regularly. Weight training is perhaps the most important part of gaining muscle, so this aspect is the focus of the program.


Weight Training


Weight training shouldnít be your only form of exercise, but a good muscle building program will be mostly based on using specific exercises to build the muscle groups in your body. The exercises that you do should be planned out so that you know exactly how many you can do in proper form before you reach the point of exhaustion. Once you are skilled at the beginning weight, then you need to begin lifting more each time you train.


Working with a professional will help you understand the basics, and will also help you prevent injury by beginning too quickly. If you donít have a trainer at your gym, then your muscle building program should be based on your beginning skill level, with each exercise becoming more progressive over time. Some claim that increasing your repetitions, weight or speed each time that you visit the gym for weight training is the best way to gain muscle.


Building Your Schedule


For most people, an hour a day of weight training exercises is more than enough to make your muscle building program work for you. In fact, you may want to skip a day between work outs, so that you wonít damage your muscles. Giving your muscle a day to repair will help them build much quicker, so that you can have the body you want in less time. For best results, by the time that you are finished with your exercises, you will have reached the point where your muscles are exhausted.


You will also want to schedule short week long breaks in your weight training. A muscle building program that includes a break every eight to twelve weeks is best, but if you canít stay out of the gym then you can simply switch to much lighter, less intensive exercises for the week you are resting.


After and During Your Work Out


There are also some foods that will help you progress through your muscle building program. Protein foods mixed with carbohydrates, when used within thirty of completing your weight training exercises, will help you have the nutrients that your body needs to build new muscle. Many people choose to use a protein drink right after their weight training, but if you choose this option then you should be sure that the drink doesnít contain tons of sugar.


You also need to make sure that your muscle building program includes drinking plenty of water, especially before and after you work out. Keeping your body hydrated will help you stay healthy, so that your body can work properly to build new muscles.

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