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The Flushing Method

This is a kind of isotension training used in conjunction with posing and flexing during your workout. It involves using a light weight and holding the weight steady at varous points along the path of the exercise, forcing the muscle to tense isometrically. For example, after you have done as many dumbbell laterals as possible you hold your arms locked out by your sides and then lift them about five inches away from your thighs, feeling the deltoids tense and flex.You hold this position for abou ten seconds as the "burn" accompanying the buildup of lactic acid gets stronger and stronger. This isometric tension applied at the end of an exercise causes an enormous increase in msucle separation, and can be done for many muscles in the body: for lats, hanging from the chinning bar and lifting the body only a few inches, doing cable crossovers, holding your hands crossed with chest fully contracted, flushing blood inot the pectorals, holding a curl steady at various angles of the total arc; or locking your legs out on a leg extension and holding as long as long as you can.

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