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Food and Energy

Posted by Carol

You are probably aware that appropriate exercise and eating according to the Food Guide Pyramid daily can also increase your energy level and help you to lose weight. As others have already said, its important to eat enough of the nutrient dense foods that are low in fat so that you won't be craving or wanting to eat very much of the empty calorie foods. I couldn't agree more with those who have stated that you should never tell someone that a food is forbidden as psychologically, they'll want it all the more. There are really no bad foods. There are just foods that we need to eat in smaller amounts than others, always try to balance the high calorie foods with the lower calorie ones and have enough daily exercise. You know that if you want to lose weight, you have to expend more calories than you eat. You must burn or expend 3500 calories to lose a pound of body fat. You may want to envision that as a l pound carton or margarine or butter attached to or detached from you. However, we haven't accumulated that fat all in one place on our body - it can even cause you to wear a wider size shoe.

To get weight off and keep it off, its very important to exercise regularly and to do so with a well balanced diet that you can maintain for a lifetime and not become bored. Its when one doesn't take time to exercise some and eat healthy is when one is tempted to grab some candy bars, chips, and/or soft drinks and get into a mode of eating too much of the high sugar and fat-rich foods. Then the energy level drops quickly and one wants more. Its important to get into the habit of keeping some nutrient dense vegies, fruits, and low fat bread and protein-rich group foods on hand for quick snacks if your regular mealtime must be delayed. Just remember balance, variety and moderation!

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