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free weights vs cable machines

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Posted by Jeffrey

HI guys,

I personally use both but can you shed some light on working with cables as well as free weights. What i find confusing is that i fully understand when using free weights, moving the weight causes stabilizing muscles to be activated to move and balance the weight.. When using machines and cables the plain of motion is somewhat set and supposedly slightly easier, but what i find as an example, i can push more weight on free weight bench press than i can using a smith machine. Now what is really confusing, is that if the goal of building larger more shapely muscle, consists of breaking down muscle tissue with continued resistance and intensity, to overload the muscles so that they can compensate by growing back stronger and slightly larger with the right nutrition, does it matter that much, which method or tools ( free weight or cables) are used to achieve this goal... I personally find cables good as there is constant tension to the muscles from top to bottom, but i constantly read they are useless for muscle growth. But free weights have a pause on most exercises at the top and bottom , also cables seem to isolate the muscles targeted more with less help from assisting muscle groups. If the goal is to add weight, increase intensity and create constant tension on the muscles so that the fibers can be broken down and growth can take place, aren't cables and machines just as effective; if not better in some cases.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Many many thanks for your time, all the best



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