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gaining mass workout

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Posted by Mathew

I am a 25 Yr old male. I am 184 tall and weigh 73 Kgs. I have been trying to gain weight and build up a good body since 2 year. I have changed my normal meal routine with emphasis on gaining mass. I have been also taking Protein shakes after training. But still I am in the same stage. There has been no BIG difference in my body shape. The muscles get bigger only during the training. After that it get back to the normal. I train 3 days a week with alternate days resting. I started with lower weights for workouts and is at the moment the maximum weight that i can lift now.

I do all my workouts at home. These are the workouts I do:

1) Flat Chest Presse - For chest
2)Incline Chest Presses - For chest
3) Flat Chest Flies - For chest
4)Shrugs - For shoulders
5)Preacher Curls - For Biceps
6)Hammer curls - For Biceps
7)French Presses - For trceps
8) Tricep Dips
9)Triceps Kickbacks

I do each of these exercises 3 X 12. and do the whole stuff 2 or 3 repetitions. ( i.e [3 *12 ]* 2 or 3 times)

Could you please give me some feedback to gain mass or any other changes that are needed to that i get a defined body. At the moment I have 34cm biceps. I would like to make it a bit bigger and also a bigger chest. I feel shame for myself in having a very FLAT chest.

Thank you for your feedback.


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