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German volume training

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Posted by Steve

Has anyone out there tried German Volume Training, and if so have you made any gains in size? Thanks.

Re: German volume training

Posted by Mitchell

I have been using a Bulgarian style training routine for the past three years and it has worked wonders for me. I use a program from the book Big Beyond Belief written by Lee Costa Jr. (I think). I have just finished a cyle of that and have started a GVT program designed by Bill Phillips found in the back of Sports Supplement Review Issue #3. I am getting pumps that are out of this world. If you are interested in more infor drop an e-mail and I will try and answer some questions or can maybe send a program.

Re: German volume training

Posted by Barry

GVT worked wonders for my legs but then again I was at a point when any programme including squats would have worked wonders with my legs. Dan seems not to like GVT or Bulgarian techniques I assume come from Olympic weightlifting. The thing is these types of programmes might work for you if you could train like a Bulgarian weightlifter. Most of us cannot lift weights full time and we don't have facilities they have to help recovery. I would say leave GVT alone. If you want to get big then do full body movements unless you're at a stage where you're big enough to think about curls and tricep kickbacks and all that

Re: German volume training

Posted by Bob

I have tried GVT and it helped me boost from maxing out on the bench from 205 to 235 in about 1 month. I now bench over 300 pounds. If it's done correctly you are not at risk of injury so I say go for it. Just remember like all good things in lifting it needs to be cycled. On a month off a month or so on.

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