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Good pre workout drink

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Posted by Von

I'm looking for a good workout drink that can help me extend my workout. I tend toward hypoglycemic so sugary stuff isn't necessarily good. I don't do well with caffeine either. Any suggestions or referrals to websites is appreciated. I usually follow my workout with a protein drink.

Re: Good pre workout drink

Posted by MethMan

I like Jack Daniel's personally. It really helps me stay in the game when I need the energy to beat my wife for longer than 2 hours at any given time. I also suggest some good old bud light, mmmm... bud.

Re: Good pre workout drink

Posted by Shogun

This will sound nuts.

I just read about stomach juices from hornets being an incredible for extending muscular endurance. The FDA is currently looking into the safety of its use, and the Japanese are already using it. That chick who won the marathon at the Olympics this year said that the hornet juice is what owed to her winning.

It'll probably be available in the USA early next year.

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