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hardgainer training program

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Posted by Carlos

Hey guys,

I had a quick question for ya. I am coming off a year hiatus from working out. I am 22 years old and somewhat of a hardgainer. My body type can be labled as endomorphic. I work M-F 8-5. What kind of work out routine can you all recommend for me. I wanna get big fast. Thanx for ya'lls suggestions...

Re: hardgainer training program

Posted by Warder

Well this is my suggestion. If you want to get massive stick to high intensity basic lifts. I'm talking about the Deadlift, Squat, Bench, and a Over-Head Press. Workout only when you have totally recovered from your last workout (ie. don't bench if your chest is still sore). Also give yourself time before you start with heavy weights again, let your body get used to the work before you push it. Then it is simple train like a monster, sleep like a monster, eat like a monster. All this has worked well for me, give it a try.

Re: hardgainer training program

Posted by Spencer

The suggestions Warder made were good ones, the one bit of information I would also give you is to work out in the morning before you go to work. By doing this you are going to have more energy and intensity to give to your workouts, which will yield better results!

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