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High intensity training for female bodybuilders

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Posted by HD

Robin Parker - on Training

I train heavy. Sometimes I misjudge my strength and find myself pumping out more than eight reps, but that just means I have to pump it until I can't do another rep and that works too. I train 2 sets per exercise after a good warm up set(s), do 3 or 4 exercises. When you cut the volume, the quality must improve in order to compensate and I can lift much heavier if I know this is one or two of only two sets.

It's very exciting to try to guess the top weight I will be using, knowing there is no holding back. I like to challenge myself to pick a weight and add 10 or 15 pounds just to see if I can do it. I'm amazed that I still pick too light in most cases. I feel like I'm on full throttle and the reward itself is in the doing itself. The reward is the sumptuous feeling of pumped up aching muscles accompanied by an endorphin chaser.

This system of training is a variation of Mike Mentzer's system that David Dearth is teaching me (Mike taught him). Of course, it is also of utmost importance to have a training partner who pushes you and inspires you to work as hard as you can.

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