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Homemade weight gain shake

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Posted by Walter Eddy

"Question: Speaking on weight gain drink with cream, egg whites, and Ice cream} Can anyone tell me if these are ideal with the ingredients, or whether some ratios should be changed?"

First, why just the egg whites? - the cream is almost completely fat so using just the egg whites makes no sense. The ice cream is another thing that has no value in this mix.

I would suggest using 6 whole eggs (wash the outside of the egg shell and check carefully for cracks to prevent food poisoning), 1/2 to 1 full cup of heavy cream and about a cup of milk (to thin it down enough to be drinkable). Adding fruit for flavor is fine, plus you'll pick up a few extra vit & min.

This will give you about 50 grams of protein, lots of calories, and lots of fat as well. However if you are having a super hard time putting on some pounds, and have very low bodyfat - this can help put on the pounds. I would eat as much as possible during the day and then drink one of these just before hitting the sack. Leave the fruit out if you take it a night and you'll sleep like a baby.

Last, but not least, take some letchin supplements with it (what you want is a supplement high in phosphatidylcholine - you may have to do a little research to find a good supplement). This will help put the fat 'to work' instead of just adding it to your waist line.

The only reason to 'use' a drink like this is if you can't gain weight. (ie: you are counting calories, eating 6 good meals a day, can't eat any more - and still not gaining). When I would get up around 250lb I would have to eat 6000C a day just to keep my weight up - every now and then I would take this drink every night for a week or two to add a few pounds (kicking my cal's up to about 7500). Any longer than that and it would all turn to fat.

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