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how big can you get without steroids

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Posted by Michael

Hello, is it possible to get to say 228 lean body mass?

I know its possible without drugs with a high body fat but what about with 6% body fat (if a guy weighs 242 but has a lean body mass of 228)

I am scared of steroids and most other “helpers”, I don’t even take protein shakes (because I get enough protien in my diet) I am not a protein shake snob, I just prefer to get it all thru food.

So over the course of 6 or 7 years could I achieve 242lbs at only 6% bodyfat (I am 5’11.25” and currently 309 with lean body mass of 192.5)

Do guys like Ronnie coleman and Jay cutler use steroids – (I don’t want to be quite that big lol, but just thought I’d ask)

Thanks for any help

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