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How many times a day should I eat to gain muscle

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Posted by mark

hi i have just discovered your site and thought i would seek some advice, i have been training on and off for 3 years but have been on for about 6 months but i am having trouble adding mass, i just seem to be toning even though i am doing heavy weights on both my multi gym and free weights i try to train 4 times a week, also i still have the spare tyre look (fat) around my belly, i have read all the advice about eating 5 times a day, but i work on building sites around the country, usually i get up at 5 in the morning, have a large bowl of cereal with about 1.5 pints of semi skimmed milk and sometimes that is it till 7 or 8 at night when i have my dinner, also i am one of those fussy eaters. is there any supplements i can take to help me lose the fat on my belly and start adding mass to my muscles, i am taking an all in one protein shakes at the moment, thanks for the help. mark.

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