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how much protein to build muscle

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Posted by bigbad

how much protein do you guys eat in a day?
im on like 150g per day, i need more!

anyone know of any site that give acurate nutritional values for food?


Re: how much protein to build muscle

Posted by BiggerTheBetter

I am 16, 163pounds, 5'10", and I try to get atleast 250 sometimes 300. I have to eat protein bars and drinks plus EAT EAT EAT to get this...EAT EAT EAt and work HARD!!

Bigger The Better

Re: how much protein to build muscle

Posted by Porterhouse

Being 252lbs I would like to eat about 450+ a day butsome times its just to much, I usually average about 350-450

Re: how much protein to build muscle

Posted by AL

i'm 5'8 and 195, i take in around 225 a day. i can take in more, but it doesn't really help me. i notice just as good gains with this amount of pro as compared to when i'm hanging around the 325 range. your body can only handle a certain amount of protein at one eating too much is just a waste of your money... i know people will contradict me, but more isn't always better.


Re: how much protein to build muscle

Posted by roarty

I eat close to 1gram or 1.2 times my body weight, and I have gotton bigger and more cut with losing the carbs. I dont know how some people manage to handle 450+ grams of protein a day. if you have 6 meals a day, thats 75 grams of protein a meal. Thats just a waste if you ask me.. your body can only take in so much protein at a time.

However, if it works for some people then I guess it must work. Id stick to the 1 to 2 times bodyweight in protein. thats my 2 cents.

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