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How to build lower pecs

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Posted by Girlie Chest

Hey guys I have a gap in my chest Im not sure what you call it when your pecs are not touching. People I think refer to it as a "cave chest" well is there anything I can to to bring my lower pecs together and get rid of that gap in between. I am on a very heavy lifting program to try to gain weight. What should I do lift heavy or more reps when doing flys or should I try a heavy decline press? How long will this problem take to fix. HELP ME PLEASE!! Its very emabarrasing to me.

Thanks to all of those who respond


Re: How to build lower pecs

Posted by vic

I don't exactly know wat you mean, but try bar dips for about two months every other day. Thats the way I work on my lower pecs. The bar dips with your elbows outwards your body (not the ones that work on your triceps)I hope you know what I mean. Good luck.

Re: How to build lower pecs

Posted by Pedgik

Thats entirely genetic bro. and hard to imagine if make your pecs bigger and stronger will over it up, it may help u look like your pecs are even bigger than they are though...

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