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How to get enough protein to build muscle

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Posted by LionMan

Just wanted to get a few bros opinions on how they keep their protein intake up during the day....I'm weighing 296 now and I try to get @ 400 or so grams a day...very difficult sometimes...choking down those bars and powders all day.....yuuukkkkkk!!!!!!! any feed back would be appreciated... thanks

Re: How to get enough protein to build muscle

Posted by gobig

I now how ya feel Lion, I have the MetRX bars in my desk, along with the N-Large protein/Carb combo. Also pack a tuna sandwich every day for lunch (put spinich leaves on it so I get my veggies). Used to hard boil eggs and eat the whites- but I'm sick of em now. I would love to hear some new tasty/cheap high protein ideas also. Not a tofu person myself. I love chicken, have steak once in a while- but I don't eat it often due too high blood pressure/cholesterol. Fish is great, but expensive.

Re: How to get enough protein to build muscle

Posted by Judge

Chicken is the way to go. I grill up anywhere from 18 to 24 chicken breasts every Sunday, bag 'em up and bring 4 or 5 to work w/ me every day. I try to use different seasonings every week so it doesn't get to monotonous. Right now I'm into stuff called Grill-Mates. I forget who makes them, but thay're in any supermarket. There are about a half dozen different flavors, so it's easier to mix it up.

Hope it helps.

Re: How to get enough protein to build muscle

Posted by MrMuscles


The best way to go is Turkey Breast!! The least fat of any meat!

The best overall source of protein is SHRIMP!

Have a killer shake in the am with at least 66 g's of protein. Follow it up with meals every 2 hours, consuming at least 8 oz of turkey, chicken, shrimp, lobster or steak during those meals. By 2pm youll have around 260 g's. I normally work out around 5 so I have a nice empty stomach for working out... After the work out I consume a replenishing protein drink with 50 g's... 30 mins later I consume a large dinner with atleast 75 g's. Just before bedtime I will consume another shake with 66 g's...

This will give you roughly 450 g's of protein... Mix up the meat and you wont go crazy eating the same thing all the time!!

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