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how to get ripped in 3 months

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Posted by dbp

Hi there

below are a few details and looking at stripping as much body fat as poss in the next 16wks.

Age. 35
Weight. 206lbs
Bodyfat. 23%
Height. 5" 9'
Neck size. 16"

All weights bellow in lbs
When using dumbbells (d/b) obviously I'm only writing the one db down so x2 on the weights


Standing ezy bar curls, 8x55, 8x77, 8x77, 7x99
Preacher machine, 8x100, 7x125, 4x137.5, 10x100
Hammers, 8x50, 8x55, 6x61
Wide grip cable lat pull downs. 8x132, 8x154, 8x176, 8x198, 6x198
Seated row. 8x132, 8x132, 8x154


Flat bench 8x88, 8x176, 4x220, 7x198, 8x154, 8x154
Incline db 8x61, 8x72, 6x72
Seated d/b tris 8x30, 8x35, 8x35s, 6x40
Cable overheads 8x71, 8x82, 8x82, 5x93


Shoulders (smithy) 8x88, 8x132, 6x176, 2x198, 7x176, 4x176
Shoulder machine, 8x186, 8x264, 3x352
21's, 8x44, 8x55, 8x55
db curls, 8x40, 8x50, 8x55 6x60


Decline bench press, 8x132, 8x154, 8x176
Wide grip bench press, 8x132, 8x154, 8x176
Cable push downs elbows out. 8x110, 8x130, 8x160, 5x170
Push downs elbows in. 8x60, 8x82, 8x93
Skull crushers, 8x55, 8x77, 8x77


Close grip pull downs, 8x88, 8x132, 8x154, 8x154, 8x176
Bent over rows (don't like these so do a few light ones), 8x132, 8x132, 8x132
Shrugs 8x197, 8x221, 8x234
Viking press 8x127, 8x142, 8x156, 3x171
Cable front raises, 8x30, 8x30, 8x30
Cable side raises, 8x30, 8x30, 8x30,

Saturday: rest day


Squats, 8x132, 8x176, 8x176
Laying leg curl, 10x22, 10x32, 10x42, 10x42
Calve raises, 10x88, 10x132, 10x132, 10x143
Leg extensions, 10x34, 10x41, 10x48, 10x55
Leg press, 15x330, 15x440, 15x551, 10x661, 1x771

I train from 7:45-9:30am on a empty stomach cause I awake at 6:45 and can't really eat first thing in the morning

9:45 I drink a 35 gram protein shake with low fat cottage cheese which adds another 20 grams protein so total 55gram protein shake

11:45 either a chicken breast or a tin of tuna with a little of low fat salad cream

13:45 a protein and cottage cheese shake again as above. 55grams protein

15:45 Low Fat muller light and maybe a cheeky 25gram low fat crisps or a little chocolate bar

18:00-18:30 dinner at home which the Missis makes. Just a few samples below

Spaghetti bolognese
Chicken, savory rice and salad
Burger and chips
Chicken wrapped in bacon with mozzarella cheese inside, salad
Chicken wraps and chips
Chicken curry and rice
Chilli con carne
Macaroni cheese and Chips
Sunday roast, beef or chicken
Chicken pasta and salad

Re: how to get ripped in 3 months

Posted by Paul

Here are my suggestions:

Cut way back on milk products, sugar, chips, wheat and grains. Replace with lean protein such as egg whites, chicken, fish along with more fresh raw fruits and vegetables.

Do less sets for each bodypart but work them twice a week rather then just once.

Suggested supplements Deca Anabolic and Ultimate Fat Burner.

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