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How to increase vascularity

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Posted by Doug

Hello!! I work out 3 -4 times a week(Each major muscle group once a week). I do cardio 3-4 times a week 30-40 mins a session. No mtter how lean I get my vascularity is not what I think it should be. Can anyone suggest anything?

Re: How to increase vascularity

Posted by Fred

Anecdotal evidence from myself and friends at the gym show Vanadyl Sulfate to increase vascularity.

Re: How to increase vascularity

Posted by nosat

I think veins are gonna be genitics..I dont have any either..except for one big one on my left arm..strange.. some guys just seem to have them near the surface.. others its down in.. just get lean.. show some abs..and get big!.. no one will even care about veins!

Re: How to increase vascularity

Posted by Dedlift

Anyone can have very defined vascularity. Genetics doesn't determine whether or not you WILL have lots of visible veins .... but it does determine how quickly or slowly you will aquire them. As far as genetics goes, some people are born with lot's of veins, and other's have to work their ass off for them like I did. Before I started lifting weights, I had no veins whatsoever ... except for on the tops of my feet. Now, after 5 + years of hardcore CONSISTANT lifting, I have veins all over my forearms, and a few on my biceps, chest, and shoulders ... and here recently I've started seeing signs of them on my thighs. The stronger I get, the more refined my vascularity becomes.

Have you ever looked at long distance runners ? Well if you have, you might notice that even though they have almost no body fat, their vascularity isn't all that great. This is from their lack of muscle as opposed to body fat ratio. Just give it time and don't worry about it ... it will come to you. You have to loose body fat AND gain more muscle to sharpen your vascularity, not just one or the other ... and even though it may take years for you , that my friend is the key to improving your vascularity.

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