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I Remember When Anabolic Steroids Were Still Legal

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Posted by Jimbo

I am an avid bodybuilder who remembers when steroids were still legal, there were some real weird fads that happened. For a while, a new and terrible rumor was spreading about the muscle building anabolic steroids D-bol and Testosterone,. that more was better! Sure, we have all heard that more of anything is supposed to be better, and even my sports 'Doctor' that I got my steroid prescription from said that it was hard to OD on steroids. Dr. Dan as I'll call him, well, I blew his mind one Friday when I told him what some of the guys were doing at the hard-core iron yard I worked out at. Instead of buying 1 or two bottles of dianabol and testosterone cypionate to get through a cycle, some fellows were purchasing 2 to 3 cases(!!) of each of these steroids. These same guys (just guys thank God) were consuming up to 100 D-Bol tabs a day, and 500ccs (that's 5 bottles) of prescription strength test cyp a week, 200mg per ml.

I remember watching a good friend of mine chew up 50 D-Bol tablets before we worked out, and inject 3cc's of test right through his sweat pants leg into his quad one day. He said he was depressed! It usually elevated his mood, or I guess he thought it did....he said he wanted his teeth to stay blue. I told him he was going to crap his liver out one morning and it would be blue. And I thought I was bad, taking 10 D-Bol, 20 winstrol, 1 anadrol-50 a day with 4 cc's of Deca Durabolin a week!! Any more, I felt, was a waste of money and my liver.

I saw some strength records broke that year, one guy deadlifted half a ton, and squated to parallel the same for 3 reps. He weighed 265 back then at 5'7" tall! Guess we should have called Guinness huh? Several people from the gym I worked out at won the title of 'Strongest Man in SC' in 1982-85. I remember Mr. ESPN Kasmier came by a couple of times, he loved our old gym.

At these steroid dosages, some lifters did freak out. I remember another guy was attempting to get back together with his exwife; it did not work out so he blew her away with his shot gun. Shot her like a dog 3 times in her front yard. Then he went to the phone called the cops, went back to the porch, laid down his shot gun and calmly waited for the police!! He pleaded temporary insanity due to steroid overdose and got Manslaughter 2 I believe. To this day, he still does not have a clear recollection of what happened.

There were positive side-effects as well. My car, an old Plymouth, was broken into. Someone used a crowbar and bent the driver's side door to get in and take my radio. I could not get the door shut so I drove by the gym and got Gene, a 300+ pounder to bend the door back so I could shut it. He did it with his bare hands!! Pat, another near 300 pound powerlifter, got to banging his head into walls and doors. I remember one day he was knocking on the back steel door to the gym because he had to park in the back. I didn't hear him knocking so he had to walk around the gym to get in and that pissed him off. He said he'd knock harder next time and then went to the back door jumped up in the air and sent his forehead slamming into it! He hit it so hard he dented it! Dented a steel door...whew! Pat said: 'Is that loud enough for ya, Jimbo?!' I said: 'Nah! You can do better than that!' Pat then put 3 more bigger dents in that door with his fore head. Later that day, when he was doing deadlifts, several good looking women were watching him repping 755. Suddenly, a vein on his forehead burst and blood spurted on the wall in front of him. One of the girls ran out the front door and puked up her lunch on someone's Harley! Man, that was hilarious! We had some good times back then......

So, as far as strength was concerned, more was better in this instance, although it seemed to only work for the larger individuals, those in the 250-350+ LB bodyweight range. I tried dosing 3 bottles of test in a week, and it just made my blood pressure go up, and I retained about 10 pounds of fluid. My strength stayed the same. I guess you could say it did make me bigger for a while, but I lost the water and extra size as soon as I dropped to my regular dosing schedule. Heck, I could not afford it any way!

Now, these days, I stay natural, and huge too (still) over 230 at 5' 8" at 12% bodyfat. I'm gonna be huge forever I hope!

Anyway the motto of this recollection is: Don't jump into a fad just because your buddy does. It might be just bull cookies, after all.

Stay Healthy,


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