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I want to take steroids

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Posted by jonE

hey im 19 and i was wondering if i should try some roids. My friend bought some. We both workout toghther everyday, and now it seems that he's doing much more weight than me and gaining a lot more weight. He's only been on this stuff for a week and has gained more weight than i have in two months! Its very tempting and i was wondering what to do. any help?

Re: I want to take steroids

Posted by Joe

Hey man?

I gotta question for you if they said that eating your own shit would help you get big would you eat it? I mean cmon man how many stories have you heard of how steroids are only a short term solution with long term side effects. So what if your friend is doing more weight than you and gaining the meantime his balls are shrinking and his heart is weakening. Wouldnt you rather do the HARDWORK and eat right to get big naturally. And to me that would feel better and I would be proud of that instead of injecting my self with a cheating chemical to have the upper advantage. There is no solution to rapid weight gain without consequences and without the right diet, training, sleep and supplentation. I was really skinny.... 5'10, 145 and in 5 weeks with all of the above advice I gave you I am almost 165 and a helluva lot stronger and I didnt take any drug. But you know what man you already know the answer to your own question you just wanted to see if any one would justify your mistake. Ultimately the decision is up to you.....and I hope you make the right decision and dont CHEAT YOURSELF.


Re: I want to take steroids

Posted by BILL

How about trying not to look for a quick fix? because there isn't any,sure you can go on the juice like your buddy and put up with the acne and mood swings now. And then worry about what it has done to your body for the future. Your only 19 be patient creatine is ok, eat right, increase your protein intake, when in the gym FOCUS, lift heavy with good form, get lots of rest and you will GROW!!! When your buddy stops the juice he will start to slide while you continue to climb. Good Luck.

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